Hi, I’m Colton.

This is my own website about my life. Watch me grow up right here online. I’m just a kid but I’m going to be a scientist someday. Right now, I just like to go to school, hang out with my friends and do stuff with my family. I live out in the country on a ranch and go to school in Santa Rosa.

Some of my favorite things are swimming in the river and at the pool, ice skating with my cousins and magic. I especially like summer and sometimes we go to Mexico to surf. Check out my site and read what’s new in my blog.

You can even email me if you like.

“We played on the beach for a whole week”


Name: Colton Jack

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Age: 7

Birthday: August 6th

College: I’m in 2nd grade

Major: Girls, Harry Potter

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Book: Goosebumps

Favorite Movie: Peter Pan

Favorite Food: Green Spaghetti

Favorite Quote: “they’re flirting me out, Mom”

Favorite Hang Out: Sayulita, Rio Nido Swimming Pool, Schoolhouse Canyon Park

My photo albums

Swim Lessons

Summer ‘07


Spring ‘07

SF Trip

podcast (age 5)

My favorite songs

Itsy Bitsy Caterpillar (podcast)

The Swimming Song (podcast)

Lollipop Tree

My favorite links:

nasa kids